About Us


Alvin Landicho

A lover of all things technical, Alvin always wanted to know how things worked. From pulling apart appliances and putting them back together with a few screws left over to reading manuals from cover to cover; he was destined for a career in engineering. After studying Bachelor Degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Business majoring in marketing he started to learn that this unique academic combination would help him in future endeavours.

Growing up during the birth of the Internet Age meant that web design was natural to this digital native. He has been designing websites since the late 90s, always as a hobby until he found out that people were willing to pay him…

And here we are today, with the exponential advances in technology and web best practices the modern business owner must either dedicate a large chunk of their valuable time to learning about the web or share the responsibility and outsource aspects to a passionate expert…

Melissa Landicho

The design architect! Melissa’s keen creative eye ensures that all our work is appealing to the target audience. Her innate grasp of the clients creative brief combined with her visionary style¬†makes certain that expectations are exceeded. She¬†loves typography and borderlines on perfectionism meaning that you can rest assured that your project will look outstanding!

Currently training in communication design and journalism, her academic experience provides a solid foundation for real world, cutting edge solutions.